With Youssef…

IMG_9299We remembered to pack everything but the map. Arrived in San Luis Obispo excited, exhausted and loaded with road buzz, the first day of a road trip always seems the hardest, yanking yourself out of the home comfort zone, worrying about what you forgot. Yes, the hot water heater is on vacation mode. We can always buy another road atlas on the road.

IMG_9311Arrived at Youssef’s apartment, actually in Morro Bay, a block from the Pacific Ocean, and here’s Youssef, grand and hospitable in his trademark fedora. And the dogs, Ziggy and Puma are barking at him. We have our work cut out for ourselves when it comes to the dogs. They have not been adapted to society. Our fault. I am not proud of it. 🙂



Terri and I first met Y. in person earlier this year at Beast Crawl in Oakland, a poetry extravaganza he created with friends http://beastcrawl.tumblr.com/about or http://www.facebook.com/TheBeastCrawlCommune We already like him from FB , but liked him better in person. A genuine manner. He’s an artist! Poet, musician, novelist, graphic artist. His life is his vision. So here he we are again, eating tacos and quacamole, chile rellenos and catching up on everything and anything. What kind of change are we talking about?

A few words from Youssef:


Michael and Terri and Ziggy and Puma and I are discussing “change” over persimmons and coffee:


Is not some namby-pamby whining, aimless, unguided cry in the dark under the bed, but it means specifically, that everyone who holds these events or attends these events, more or less agrees upon a few things.

Abuse cannot maintain control.

Too general?
Okay then:

Violence against or exploitation of
the body politic, the body social, or the body personal
are hereby declared invalid and unacceptable

…by this growing group of people, in many different instances, all over the world.

how bout that
…and also:

These methods are incapable of building a sustainable future.

The proof? Take a look at the past- imperialism, colonialism, slavery, robber barons, genocide, fundamentalism. I am through with askers for change. Not the blind man with a tin cup but “Won’t somebody please do something?” “We should do something.” No, that will never work. I will begin my future by accepting change, by expecting change. I would like to see people just try to continue exploitative practices so I can watch the ensuing destruction. Let them go. Apparently, no one will listen to warnings. I will still celebrate change. “Change” must come from the inside, from the individual level in every instance.
And what of the results if people should continue their violent incursions on other people, on the earth: the dead animals onshore, the banks fleecing America, more Enron, more Madoff, more Countrywide, exotic derivatives, futures, speculation, gang violence, the leader of a country destroying his own country, acceptable rape, righteous mass murder, banks gambling with my savings – and losing it, money as a commodity, debt as a commodity, futures as a commodity, my future as a commodity, our future as a commodity.


One comment on “With Youssef…

  1. abraham entin says:

    A man after my own heart! Coercion is the mark of the old order. Without freedom there can be no art, and without art there can be no freedom.

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