L.A. is huge!

IMG_9329Yesterday, Terri and Youssef and I took our shoes off and walked the shell, pebble and plankton strewn beach (Cayucos, CA Dog Beach) where the dogs could chase the waves, and Long-billed Curlew could harvest the shoreline.


I don’t remember what we talked about, something about relationships, the ups and downs, getting to know our fellow artists around the world, the importance of documentation of the 100TPC event to break free of mainstream media, to learn more what other poets are thinking and caring about. It’s difficult not to want to take home every beautiful pebble on the beach, some black stone woven with a white webwork, others like agates, histories in every rock, the dense fog breaking over the headlines, swallowing up the boulders and silvery seashore, barefoot on the bluff, tar stuck to the bottom of our feet, who would imagine the global of turmoil in this quiet beauty of current and waves.


And that lost glove on the beach buried and propped up into a peace sign.


A moment of peace and forgetfulness.

IMG_9314We ended up at the Taco Temple, fish tacos at the picnic table, lots of salsa, black beans and rice, and more about why documentation is essential to the success of 100TPC. Talk about Morocco organizer, El Habib Louai, the Moroccan poetry anthology Habib put together for Big Bridge, http://www.bigbridge.org/BB16/features/morocco/moroccoindex.htm

Kristin Sharp, organizer from St. Louis asked whether poets were using 100TPC sufficiently to bridge gaps between countries and cultures. No, not enough, Yes, they are doing it, using this movement as a way to get to know each other but no, not enough. And documentation is so important, the photos of readings, cities, art and posters, videos are such a simple way to break the ice between communities, to open the door, to tell the story of a common desire for a better world. I check myself, I don’t want to sound too preachy and the fish tacos are so fresh, and so good! Yum! We head back to Youssef’s apartment, wash the tar from our feet and pack up our things. Such a great visit but it is time to get on the road before it’s too late.



We finally make it to Anaheim, CA…9pm, after pizza in the car and traffic hour in Santa Barbara.

A two day stop here.

The dogs are happy to be grounded


2 comments on “L.A. is huge!

  1. To Purchase:

    1. road atlas
    2. suspenders
    3. ball point zebra stripe pen
    4. small notebook
    5. complete poems of blaise cendrars

  2. Terri says:

    i like that list! it seems so familiar.. so surreal!

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