Tonight is a First!

Terri and I are hanging out in Anaheim today, catching up with our rest, e-mail…the dogs are sleeping on the sofa, I wish I could snooze like them, smart dogs with no big plans! But tonight’s an exciting first for 100TPC, a gathering of many organizers all in one place, from Los Angeles area, a SoCal meeting, from as far away as San Diego. It will be great to see old friends I have met before, Terese Mei Chuc 100TPC Free Tibet/Pasadena , Lee Ballinger A Change is Gonna Come, and Richard Modiani from great host venue and landmark Beyond Baroque and to meet many new friends, poets and musicians and 100TPC organizers. The meeting is supposed to go like this: 1)A talk from me a Terri about what’s going on with 100TPC around the world 2) A discussion about how we can make next year 100TPC a mindblower!

Southern CA Organizers coming tonight!
Lee Ballinger, Iris DeAnda, Richard Modiani, Jessica Wilson, Matt Sedillo, Mark Lipman Teresa Mei Chuc, Mike “The Poet” Sonksen, Antonieta Villamil, Paul Zollo, Reginald E. Gaines, Ross Altman, Corey Besskepp Cofer, Jim Marchbanks…

This meeting should be transformative. There is so much I want to learn and know about what people are thinking and planning. Whatever we learn here we will pass on to organizers around the world so we can all develop our perspective and future plans. I am too excited.

Thursday, December 6th, 7 PM
Mazatlan Theater
3355 N. Eastern Avenue
El Sereno (East Los Angeles) 90032

DCF 1.0


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