Boxing Day-by Michael

Lee Ballinger, Los Angeles organizer calls, checking in, update on LA-HQ ideas, talk about “freedom not license”, Edwin Eriata Oribhabor calls from Abuja, Nigeria with yuletide greetings, slowly he sees 100TPC growth there, plans to come to USA in Spring, maybe come out to California to visit, Damali Adele Ife is in town, we’re going to meet tomorrow at Mauro’s for a large slice of pizza and catch up with 100TPC-JA, Skype with Pina Piccolo, Bologna, Italy, we sent a letter to lawyer representing poet Mohammed al Ajami thrown in jail for life for a poem, told him about our petition and asked how we could help. Get sign ups at website for Kitwe, Zambia and Accra, Ghana, work on a thank you letter.

Take a long walk w/ Terri and dogs down neighborhood streets, Himalayan Fishtail palms, green and white variegated Century Plants, ivory orange ivory bamboo stands, huge royal palms from another era…IMG_0297

Green rustlings, more-than-regal charities
Drift coolly from that tower of whispered light.
Amid the noontide’s blazed asperities
I watched the sun’s most gracious anchorite

—–Royal Palm, Hart Crane

…rare Staghorn Fern clusters ten foot across brace the shade of a Ficus tree, plump caudex of Pony Tail palms in the driveway of another cinder block house, Ball Moss tangled in the purple Bougainvillea, splendid green and gold Traveler Palms fan the sky, take me all the way to Madagascar, sweet corn plant nectar in thick and oxygenated air, read, Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller, A Private Correspondence. Miller writes from Big Sur in 1950:

“Our inventions will upset the present order of permanent conflict. Not superior views, better government, more humanity. You’ll see. Working for the political hounds you lose perspective. Change the “frog” perspective for the “bird’s”. The age is so far ahead of its seeming problems. There’s a knocking at the door. No one hears it. Too busy bickering, worrying, Straightening things out.” It sounds right but I don’t really know what to think.


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