From the Midwest to the Tropics

Today – Jan 6

Sheboygan, WI


high 31°F
   low 21°F

Hollywood, FL

AM Clouds / PM Sunhigh 81°F
                   low 67°F

Green umbrellas, palm trees, and French Canadians
Reheated pizza, cranberry juice and club soda, home equity loan
Cooing doves, crows, barking dogs, fan’s turning shadow
Lumpy white delivery truck
Goes down the street
Everyone flies somewhere in a jet plane, just listen
Tiny shouting kid voices, Terri shooshes Puma

I float between Alfred Perlés, My Friend Henry Miller
And The History of Musical Instruments by Curt Sachs

Magic and melody, ritual and entertainment

Sheboyganposter-2012Meet Lisa Vihos, 100TPC Sheboygan in Downtown Hollywood, FL

Lisa Vihos is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Lisa Vihos is a poet
Lisa Vihos is Greek/Italian
Lisa Vihos is politically engaged
Lisa Vihos is a dreamer
Lisa Vihos is not a pushy gal
Lisa Vihos is real



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