100 TPC & TMC Hollywood, FL Mixer

100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change mixer, spontaneous poetry and music happening, at Megabite Cyber Cafe, Thursday January 24, 8pm to midnight, 1910 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, FL 33020. (954) 237-2888. This is where you want to be if you are interested in meeting poets and artists from around the world. Come exchange ideas and plan for the upcoming Hollywood/Miami edition of 100 Thousand Poets for Change Global event scheduled for September 28, 2013.
So who showed up? Our host Francesca Smith 100 TPC & TMC Hollywood. Jamaica poet and 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change-JA organizer Damali Adele Ife. David Plumb, poet, teacher, 100TPC organizer in Broward county which I have been wanting to meet for years. Andrew Earl Singer, videographer, promoter, publisher International Talent Magazine, Inc. W. Adrian Jones, Music Educator, leads the full moon drum circles at Young Circle Arts Park (we’re going there on Saturday night). Poet and musician friends of Damali- Heidi D., Maru, Lee Tafari… A couple from the Midwest on vacation wandered in off the street and joined in. Two street people from the neighborhood wandered in off the street. (The poetry was blasting on the speakers outside).

Lots of introductions, and this time around the predominant theme was money. How do your raise money to help fund the global organization? The local organization? How do you raise money to help the community? Money! Fundraising! Not my favorite subject.

Well, let’s be real. There is just so much you can do with just your hands and willpower in a world where bartering is a utopian concept. Yes, in a material world, somebody always wants to get paid or at least gain something. We all do our best to volunteer our time, we ask others to volunteer printing costs, webmastering, venue overhead, and a lot of people do volunteer their service, very graciously, but it is always an uphill battle. A lot of energy goes into door to door solicitations, something many of us are not real good at, so it eats up a lot of energy when we could be focusing that energy on education, creation, communication…the important stuff.

Grants? That’s a big job. Sponsors? You want them (businesses/corporations) to see the world the way you do. Individual sponsors? That sounds good, but maybe you don’t know people who have money! I don’t know why I don’t have “rich friends”. Wish I did.

And it all takes time, time from work, time from family, time from writing, time from resting… But I don’t mean to say this gathering was a bummer. Let’s face it, it takes a certain amount of courage and selflessness to put aside the opportunity to read poetry and play music all night, sit back in the cool Megabite Chillout Lounge drinking frosty beer and minty tea, to end up focusing on a subject like money. But we did that. And it is a sacrifice. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but remember, we are all tired people, working all the time, so to take some precious free time and focus it on more work is not that much fun. But we did have fun! Because we knew that together we had something important to do, that there is great joy from our personal, local, 100 Thousand Poets for Change programs and plans for the future.


Just look at the videos and photos and posters from Jamaica, from the Hollywood, FL event. Look at all the amazing photos and videos and posters from anywhere around the world. When you look at the big picture, the amount of work people are doing all over the place, you realize it isn’t a sacrifice to sit down and talk about money when we could be just chillin’ instead. Passion rises above it all.

Money, money, money. Let’s not talk anymore about money.

We ended the night with a great poetry reading, music and poems and new faces and spirits together in the same place for the first time, sharing global vibrations that travel around the world. Common ground. Hope. Lots of laughter. Everyone was on top of the world when the evening ended. Great work ahead, great energies everywhere.


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